Our Nutritional Value:

Compared with most chips, our Kettle Cooked potato chips are much healthier. We cook them strictly with sunflower oil and salt. That’s it.  So they’re all natural, with no additives,  preservatives, trans-fats or  cholesterol. And every flavor but Barbeque is Gluten free.

Sunflower oil is as healthy as olive oil and a lot healthier than the cottonseed oil that big potato chip companies use. This Heart-Healthy oil is also proven to lower cholesterol levels.

Kettle cooking means potatoes cook  in the oil for less time, and that we spin off more of the excess oil so the chips are lighter and crispier. They’re also cut thicker so they crunch more  and have more of that natural spud flavor.

Fitness Magazine noted that our Sweet Potato Chips are packed with antioxidants. And this year our Rosemary and Garlic Chip won Fitness magazine’s “Healthy Food” award because it “delivers a ‘big, smoky taste’ but has about a third less fat than regular potato chips”.

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