All natural Kettle Cooked in healthy sunflower oil for a golden crispy, extra crunchy and naturally hearty potato flavor. Lightly salted and (of course) no preservatives, trans-fats or cholesterol.


Texas Style barbeque made with Onion and garlic, vinegar and paprika, with a touch of molasses, sugar and tomato.  It’s a little bit of sweetness with a spicy kick.

Salt & Vinegar: 

The ever popular blend of a tangy pure vinegar and  raw all natural salt complement each other perfectly and give  your taste buds a real punch.

Sweet Potato:

Natural slices of sweet potato, kettle cooked in sunflower oil, and nothing else. No seasoning. No salt added. Plus they’re packed with antioxidants.

Cheddar & Onion:

An employee who’d lived in England missed the classic English cheddar and onion chips so we started making chips with all natural sharp cheddar cheese and lightly salting them with a hint of onion.

Sour Cream & Onion:

A traditional rich tasting, sweet sour cream swirled with not too much onion and bits of parsley. (Martin’s personal favorite).

Rosemary & Garlic: 

At the suggestion of local wineries who wanted a chip to complement their hearty Merlots, we blended the warmth of rosemary with a garlic kick for a flavor straight out of Tuscany. Fitness magazine gave it the “Healthy Food” award because it “delivers a ‘big, smoky taste’ but has about a third less fat than regular potato chips”.

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